This department is headed by the Accreditation Secretary under the office of the CEO who operationalizes the functions of Accreditation committee under Section 13 (a)-(l) of the Nutritionists and Dieticians Act, No. 18 of 2007 (Amendment) in Health Laws (Amendment) Act 2019.
Annual key result areas include the following:
  1. To develop a framework for monitoring the accreditation department activities within the 1st quarter of 2021/ 20222.
  2. To recruit 10 inspectors for training institutions by the end of June 2022.
  3. To organize quarterly accreditation meetings to review accreditation activities.
  4. To develop a KNDI monitoring tool for training institutions and professionals.
  5. To provide for proper training of persons to be registered and licensed through preparation of syllabus of instruction and training courses.
  6. To prepare and conduct examinations bi-annually while charging appropriate examination fees for persons seeking registration under the Act
  7. To prepare and implement regulations to be made by the Institute regarding the standard of proficiency to be gained in each examination for a diploma, degree or other award
  8. Develop and implement regulations for internship programmes from students of nutrition and dietetics during pre-service training
  9. Set up a capacity building framework for quality assurance units to generally carry out broad perspectives of quality management systems
  10. Develop, review and implement standards for training institutions for purposes of accreditation and licensing
  11. Engage inspectors for various functions of the committee who shall serve on such terms and conditions as the council may determine from time to time
  12. Participate actively in the committee of food and drugs authority within the Health Act
  13. Review the authenticity and appropriateness of documents to be presented for purposes of examination, internship, registration and licensing
  14. Coordinate with the Chairperson of Accreditation to spearhead systems audit and certification of processes of the Institute