Business incubation center for private practice in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

The ATRI-PLC Business incubation centre shall operate as a centre for learning and practice of licensed clinical nutritionists, clinical dieticians, Food service diet therapists as well as Nutrition technologists and Dietician Technologist. The centre shall act as both an apprenticeship hub with a commercial niche focused towards nutrition & dietetics, clinical & wellness consultancies. The centre will give opportunities for newly licensed nutritionists & dieticians to engage in building hands on experience for at least two years as a future model.

The centre shall engage in the following activities:

  1. Operate as a state-of-the-art specialized food service outlet with a nutrition and dietetics niche.
  2. Clinical nutritionists and clinical dietician’s consultation services.
  3. Wellness and wellbeing services by the general public
  4. Commercial state of the art health fitness and members club.