KNDI Professional indexing is a procedure of registration of students by assigning them unique identifiers. This process is applicable to all those enrolled for certificate, diploma and degree courses in nutrition and dietetics in accredited institutions recognized by KNDI.

The KNDI wishes to establish and maintain a database of students pursuing nutrition and dietetics programs at certificate, diploma and degree levels in accredited training institutions. This data will be essential for tracking the development of professionals in nutrition and dietetics. It will also ensure that quality standards in training are maintained, an aspect of which is admission criteria and student-teacher ratio determined by this indexing process.

Indexing will provide a link between the learners, accredited training institutions and the regulatory body (KNDI). It will provide data for forecasting, manpower planning, employment and deployment to the nutrition and health labour market.

Mandatory indexing is done as per Section 13(g) of Health Laws (Amendment), May 2019 (Cap 253B), Amendment).

Indexing Objectives

  1. To ensure students admitted to training institutions meet the set KNDI entry requirements.
  2. To identify students and track nutrition and dietetics training capacity throughout the academic journey.


a). Benefit to the Student

The indexing guidelines will be beneficial to the students by enabling registered students during and after training. This will give students the confidence that they have met the entry criteria for admission into nutrition and dietetics programs and confirm that they are bonafide students of nutrition and dietetics registered in KNDI-accredited training institutions. The student will also be assured of being captured in the database of the KNDI council for purposes of training placements (including internship placement) and benefit from a training package that is essential for their professional training in line with KNDI training standards.

b). Benefit to the Training Institution

Indexing provides data on students enrolled in training institutions to facilitate forecasting of both training and professional needs within the country. Training institutions can measure quality against standards set for training and their capacity to train human resources for nutrition and dietetics.

c). Benefit to KNDI

Indexing is a mandatory procedure by KNDI and is intended to facilitate the tracking of the registered students during and after training and to ensure accurate training and registration data. It provides for tracking students in the health care workforce from enrolment in the training pipeline and allows for assessment of completion rates. It is essential for the planning, distribution, and allocation of human resources in training and service provision in the field of nutrition and dietetics in Kenya.


  1. A student seeking admission into a training institution of nutrition and dietetics offered at certificate, diploma or degree levels.
  2. The student MUST have been admitted into KNDI-accredited training institutions.
  3. Such students MUST apply for KNDI professional indexing within the FIRST SEMESTER/TERM OF ADMISSION in the respective training institution.


The following documents must be provided by each candidate to be considered for indexing:

  1. Passport-size photo (square crop; 1×1 or 2×2) in JPEG format.
  2. Copies of national identity cards/passports for Kenyans in PDF format / Copies of valid immigration and passport documents for foreign students in PDF format.
  3. Copies of K.C.S.E certificate.


Each individual applicant is required to pay Kshs. 3,000 for indexing as per Legal Notice No. 216 of 2019;

However, each student shall be required to pay Kshs.8,000/= upon application for KNDI professional indexing (3000/= will be for indexing and 5,000/= as the first instalment for licensing professional examinations).

Individual applicants will receive an invoice for payment in their personalised email addresses upon application from the KNDI online service portal. Payments for indexing shall strictly be done as per the instructions in the invoice received.


Students who shall have paid their indexing fees through their training institutions shall be required to submit;

1. Cover letter from the head of the training institution with the following details;

  • Name of the student
  • National id number
  • Email address
  • Phone contact
  • The total amount paid by the student
  • Institution admission/registration number of the student.

2. This letter should be accompanied by an original bank deposit slip or cheque for payments made to KNDI accounts.

Once received at KNDI offices (registration desk), the documents will be reviewed and such students will be required to individually apply online for indexing through the KNDI online service portal for their payments to be cleared against the invoices generated upon application.

Students who might have paid through banks must individually apply for indexing and submit original bank slips to KNDI offices for clearance.


Professional indexing applications are done online through the KNDI online service portal.

Eligible applicants should follow this link to apply;

To verify the status of Professional Indexing follow this link

All indexing applications will be assessed, verified, and validated, and feedback will be channelled to the applicant’s email addresses.

Each qualified applicant will be assigned a unique KNDI identifier (Index Number) and be allowed to open a KNDI individual user account for purposes of communication and making of subsequent applications.

A summary report of the indexed students from each training institution will be prepared and submitted to the registration committee and the KNDI Council for ratification and final approval.

An approved student indexing list will be shared with the respective training institution upon request through writing to the KNDI CEO.


Each applicant successfully indexed by KNDI will receive an indexing package. The package will be dispatched to the individualized-KNDI user account or their respective email address.

The indexing package will include the following:

  1. KNDI Indexing e-card.
  2. The Nutritionists and Dieticians Act No 18 of 2007.

Important Public Notice:

  1. Students who are indexed and have paid the first instalment for licensing professional examinations will be required to complete the second fee for exams when they have graduated in the various programs from their respective training institutions.
  2. Payments for the second instalment for exams shall be done upon application of KNDI Licensing Professional Examinations.
  3. Institutions that fail to index their students within the first term/semester of admission or received professional indexing fees from students and failed to remit collections to KNDI to complete the indexing process will be;
  4. Considered non-compliant and would not be licensed to train in nutrition and dietetics.
  5. Charged a penalty of Kshs. 100,000/=
  6. Individual submission of stale bank slips (past 90 days) will be charged a penalty of Kshs. 5,000/=


Call Hotline 1: +254 0112 514 865

Call Hotline 2: +254 0738 608 882