a. Functions
The registration committee offers services of registration of members, businesses, employers of nutritionists and training institutions on behalf of the council.
  i. The registration committee generally carry out the function of registering persons qualified to be registered under this Act.
  ii. The Registration committee also deregister members in accordance with this Act.
  iii. The Registration committee keeps a register of all members.
  iv. The Registration shall also be responsible for licensing of members.
  v. A certificate of search shall be issued to any person upon application and payment of the prescribed fee.
  vi. A certificate of search issued by the CEO under this Act shall be conclusive evidence on the status of registration/deregistration or licensing of any person.

b. Persons entitled to be registered
A person shall be entitled to registration if he satisfies the Council that he is of good conduct and has paid the registration fee and—
   (a) Has attained the age of 18 years;
   (b) Has successfully undergone a certificate, diploma or degree course of instruction and has passed the appropriate examinations conducted or prescribed by the Institute; or
   (c)Has passed the accreditation examination organized by the Accreditation committee of the Council under this Act.
c. Registration of nutritionists and dieticians
       i. A person eligible to be registered under this Act shall apply in the prescribed form to the CEO.
       ii. Registration may be declined in cases of impropriety.

d. Certificate of registration
The Institute shall issue to every person registered under this Act, a certificate in the prescribed form.

e. Deregistration
   i. The Council may at any time direct that the name of a person be removed from the register where such person—
       a. Fails within a period of six months from the date of an inquiry sent by the CEO by registered post to the address appearing in the register against such person’s name, to notify the CEO of his current address;
       b. Requests that his name be removed from the register, in which case such person may be required to satisfy the Council by an affidavit lodged with the CEO that no criminal proceedings under this Act have been instituted or are likely to be instituted against him; or
   ii. Is found by the Council to be guilty of professional misconduct in accordance with this Act.
   iii. The CEO shall remove from the register any entry which has been incorrectly or fraudulently made.
   iv. Subject to the provisions of this Act, the removal of a person’s name from the register shall be notified by the CEO to the person by registered mail addressed to the address appearing in the register against his name at least fourteen (14) days before such removal.
   v. Where the name of any person has been removed from the register under this Act, such name shall not be reinstated except by direction of the Council.
   vi. The CEO shall from time to time update the register, removing from it the names of any deceased members and de-gazetting them.

f. Restoration of name
Where the name of any person has been removed from the register the Council may, either of its own motion or on the application of the person concerned made in the prescribed manner, and in either case after holding such inquiry as the Council thinks fit, direct -
   (a) That the removal of such person’s name from the register be confirmed; or
   (b) That the name of the person be restored in the register.

g. Appeal against order of the Council
   i. Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Council may appeal to the High Court within 30 days of notification of the decision.
   ii. The Council may appear as respondent and be heard at any application against its decision.

h. Licensing
   i. No person shall engage in private practice unless he has been issued with a valid licence to practice.
   ii. The Institute may issue to a nutritionist or dietician who has applied in the prescribed form, a licence to practice on his or her own behalf or to be employed by a registered nutritionist or dietician.
   iii. The Institute shall grant a licence to a nutritionist or dietician on payment of the prescribed fee, and shall state whether the licensee may practice on his own behalf or on employment.

i. Qualification for practice on own behalf
   i. Notwithstanding, that a nutritionist or dietician has been issued with a licence under this Act, he shall not engage in practice on his own behalf, either full time or part-time, unless he has practiced in Kenya continuously on a full-time basis for a period of not less than two years after being registered—
       (a)In a salaried post, either as an employee in the Government of Kenya as a nutritionist or dietician; or
       (b)In an organization approved by the Institute; or
       (c) as an employee of a nutritionist or dietician who has been engaged in a continuous full-time private practice on his own behalf in Kenya for a period of not less than five years.
   ii. The person employing a nutritionist or dietician under this section shall in the prescribed form notify the Institute of the commencement and termination of employment of such person.

j. Validity of licence
   i. After the expiry of twelve months from the commencement of this Act, no person shall engage in the practice of nutrition and dietetics practice unless he has been duly issued with a registration certificate and a practicing license by the Institute in accordance with this Act.
   ii. A license granted under this Act shall be valid for one year.
   iii. On expiry, a license may be renewed for such further period, not exceeding one year.
   iv. Where a license expires and is not renewed for a period of one year, the name of the holder of the license shall be removed from the appropriate record.

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