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To All Non-Compliant Professionals,
Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute (KNDI) is currently undertaking professional data cleaning to ensure accurate database on matters of registration and professional practice license. The purpose is to establish accurate database for the National and County Governments, National Employment Authority and potential employers for human resource planning.
In view of the above, the Institute wishes to inform all non-compliant professionals as follows:
  1. Quest Holdings Limited and Collection Africa Limited here in referred to as the agents have been engaged to collect all outstanding debts from professionals as guided by section 7 of Cap 253B. using their professionally acceptable codes of standard and any appropriate lawful methods.
  2. All professionals who shall have complied by clearing outstanding fee arrears (debt) shall immediately visit KNDI website ( to register into OSP for CPD registration and updates of individuals’ records.
  3. In a case where a professional wish to be officially de-registered from the practice of Nutrition and Dietetics in Kenya, the following conditions shall apply before the official release letter is issued:
    • The professional who makes such request shall do so by a letter properly sealed under his/her finger addressed to the CEO.
    • The professional in (a) above shall first clear all outstanding cumulative fee arears.
    • With effect from the date the letter in (a) above is received, no further changes shall be loaded into the professionals account by the Finance Department.
  4. A professional who requests for official de-registration by a letter shall immediately cease to be a practicing nutrition or dietician in Kenya
  5. A professional in (3) above may re-apply for re-admission upon which he/she shall pay restoration fee of KES 30,000 and shall write and pass a mandatory professional exam(s) before re-admission.
  6. In the case of (5) above, re-admission examination shall attract an examination fee of KES 10,000, new registration fee of KES 5,000 and a practice license fee of KES 2,000.
Dr. David Omondi Okeyo, MSc. PhD, MSc[PH], RPHNS
Check here for the official letter