This is a Professional Upgrade Examination offered to students who were admitted into the nutrition and dietetics program without meeting entry grades for core subjects (Biology, Chemistry, English/Kiswahili and Mathematics) at the various levels of training. This is a terminal examination to be offered once.


Visit this website to check for Legalized Entry Grades for admission into the nutrition and dietetics program; Entry_Grades.pdf


Examined subjects shall be offered as follows;

  Subject Name of Examination
1. Biology Biological Science
2. Chemistry Basic Chemistry
3. Mathematics Basic Mathematics
4. English English


Application for these examinations is ongoing online. The Deadline for Application is 16th May 2021


Orientation will be conducted on  18th May 2021.


Revision classes commence on 19th May 2021.


The Professional Upgrading Examinations shall be conducted on 18th - 19th June 2021.


Check here for Timetable for Revision Classes

 Check here Venue and Examination Timetable


How do you apply for Professional Upgrade Examinations?

Note; Please, read these instructions carefully before starting the application process;


To be eligible to sit for these professional upgrade examinations;

  1. An applicant shall be required to pay 10, 000 for each subject.


Mode payment; MPESA

Go to Mpesa and select Pay Bill option

Put the business Number as 975775

Enter the Account Number as follows; (initials of the institution#National Id Number#U) e.g. KIST#234…#U


  1. Successfully make application for these examinations


Each student will be required to attach a scanned copy (pdf format) of the following documents in the online application;


  1. Admission letter from the respective institution
  2. KCSE certificate
  3. A completely filled copy of the student agreement form



Click here for the student agreement form


Click here to apply for these examinations



All students who will not have paid for the subjects by the orientation date will need to obtain a security guarantee from the host institution.


Security Guarantee Procedure

  1. The host institution pays on behalf of the student by cheque or any other means.
  2. A student must pay for at least one subject and obtained a security guarantee on the remaining subject from the principal of the host institution.
  3. In case of (2) above, the unpaid and secured balances must be cleared by 10th June 2021.
  4. Students who fail to pay as indicated in (3) shall not sit for upgrade examinations for those subjects.